India’s 1st Gujarati Music & Literature App

Gujarati for celebration, Jalso, is a mobile application that is dedicated to Gujarati music and literature. From the songs sung to cajole deities as they snooze in the grey-pink dawn, to the fast paced music of our unique traffic culture; from the soothing melodies of the sepia years to whatever’s making the buzz at the box-office; music of every hue finds a home in Jalso.

We also offer Specials, a slate of original, non-music audio programs including our popular dramatic productions of stories – Vachikam, as well as Makhmal, an expanding library of poets reading their own works.

Vachikam features over 300 stories by legendary writers and popular authors including Dhumketu, Kundanika Kapadia, Jayant Khatri, Jhaverchand Meghani, Raghuvir Chaudhary, Daulat Bhatt, Vinod Bhatt, Varsha Adalja, Gunvant Shah and Chandrakant Bakshi amongst others. We’re also proud to be the first to offer an audio production of Mangal Prabhat, a collection of letters written by Mahatma Gandhi to his daughter-in-law, Chanchalba.

Makhmal features the work of prominent poets and popular poets including Rajesh Vyas ‘Miskin,’ Tushar Shukla, Bhagyesh Jha, Usha Upadhyay, Anil Chavda, Bhavesh Bhatt, Kuldeep Karia, Paruk Khakhar, Radhika Patel and many more. We also have a special tribute section for those literary luminaries who are no longer amongst us, including Mariz sa’ab, Barkat Veerani ‘Befam,’ Suresh Dalal, ‘Shunya’ Palanpuri, Jalan Matri and Niranjan Bhagat.

Then there’s the treasure trove of children’s literature, limericks and laughs, Jhagmag, which features beloved characters and rib-tickling ditties.

There’s so much we’d still like to tap into, and this is just the beginning. We’re a young start-up, but in the time that we’ve been around, we’ve crossed some important milestones. We’re 50,000+ songs rich and growing. We’re proud to host stories and poems by writers and poets whose influence on colloquial and national literature is worthy of a fair amount of chest-thumping. We’ve found our listeners across six continents and in 111 countries. We’ve successfully managed to put together collaborations between folk artists and contemporary vocalists, reflecting the rich cultural diversity of this mother-tongue of ours. We’ve challenged the format of a music app by introducing a live, 24/7 Radio; podcasts about life, love and a slice of everything in between; and Free Live Jamming concerts every week, on social media.

Stay connected with us through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Although, the best way to make the most of all that we do is through our App! So Download Now! At Jalso, every day is #GujaratiNoJalso!