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Brawl Mod) on the Dolphin Wii Emulator v4.0.2

Project M is an incredible mod for brawl iso.. Brawl for the Wii which changes the gameplay to closely resemble its
competitive, more skill-based, and quicker predecessor, Super Smash Bros.. Melee. Even though Project M is made to be played with
a genuine Wii console, it's possible to run Project M to your Dolphin Wii emulator in your own Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux

DownloadsTo Start, You'll Need to download the following files (Notice that some of those programs are Windows-only):

Brawl (You'll have to make/find this all on your own.) SD Card MakerProject M (Homebrew ZIP) (Scroll down for the Mirrors — I'm
using version 3.6 last )WinImage (I am using version 9.0)Gecko OS (The download link is on the top right of the webpage ) (I'm
using version and Configuring Project M 1. begin with unzipping Dolphin somewhere in your hard disk,
2. Transfer your Super Smash Bros.. Brawl NTSC ISO into a directory
such as"C:\Games\Dolphin\ISOs"
3. Run Dolphin.exe and set up the emulator to your own liking.

These next steps assume you have run and set up your preferences inside Dolphin, such as settings like controller mapping (I use
an Xbox 360 controller), video options, and sound choices.

Zip" somewhere on your hard disk, i.e."C:\Games\Dolphin\Tools\Dolphin SD Card Maker"Run EasyDolphinSDCard Maker.exe. 1. Under"SD
Card Size," pick a size of at least"1 GB." I picked 2GB here.
2. 1. 1.
Click OK on the dialogue box which appears after a Couple of seconds.
2. A
file called"sd.raw" will appear in your SD Card Maker directory.

Extract the contents of Project M (likely"homebrew.zip") somewhere in your hard drive, i.e."C:\Games\Dolphin\Tools\Project
InstallandrunWinImage. 1. Click"File," then"Open"
2. Click"Picture," then"Inject a Folder."
3. Navigate to the folder in which you pulled homebrew.zip. The right folder probably includes the
folders"programs,""codes," and"projectm," depending upon the version of Job: M you've downloaded. Press OK.
4. 1. 1. Click"File," then"Save."
2. Close WinImage
3. Copy"sd.raw" to"/Dolphin Emulator/Wii/".
4. For OS X users: The sd.raw file enter"/Users// / Library/Application Support/Dolphin/Wii". The library folder
is hidden. If you can not find it, you will need to go into terminal and type:"defaults write
com.apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE" without quotes. To hide the folders , simply type FALSE at the end

2. Extract the contents of the Gecko ZIP (likely"gecko1931.zip") somewhere on your hard
drive, i.e."C:\Games\Dolphin\Tools\Gecko1931"
3. Open Dolphin. Brawl" on your ISO listing and choose"Set as default ISO." (If you don't
have Super Smash Bros.. Brawl in your ISO listing, make certain that you have your ISO directory configured
properly within Dolphin.)
4. Click"Config" at the top of this Dolphin window.
5. Click on the"Wii" tab on top of the window.
6. Check the box to the left of"Insert SD Card"
7. Press OK.
8. Click the"Open" button at the top left of the Dolphin window.
9. Navigate to your Gecko1931 directory.
10. Double click the"Gecko1931" folder, and then the"HBC" folder, then the"Gecko1931" folder.
11. Double click"boot.elf
12. 1. 1. Press"OK" on the dialogue box that probably looks.

2. If you have done everything correctly so much, you are going to be inside Gecko OS. Notice you will not
observe the Project M emblem inside Gecko, as recent versions of Job M have eliminated this background image.
You may only need to do the next step once (Every other time you're going to be able to start the Gecko .ELF
and press Start Game). Notice that you must configure GCPad controls within Dolphin to Have the Ability to
navigate within Gecko:

1. Press Down on your D-Pad and press A when you've chosen"Config Options."
2. Scroll down to"Gecko Hook Sort" and press Right in your D-Pad until you see"VBI." You shouldn't need to
touch any of those other choices. That is it! If you have done everything correctly, you should be
enjoying Project M. Enjoy!

Be aware that if you see a display that tells you that you do not have sufficient space left in the Wii
System Memory, you can do one of 2 things: 1. Keep on playing without saving, or 2. Download an NTSC
Brawl save without custom phases from the Internet (or simply download one from me by clicking here — be
certain to unpack it first), start Dolphin –>"Tools" menu –>"Publish Wii Save" –> Read to the
downloaded store and start it.

A friendly Reddit user by the name of beefforyou has posted a great tip on /r/SSBPM: After you've entered
the"Versus" menu and then changed the match options to fit your needs, save the emulator's state by
invoking the"Emulation" –>"Save State" –>"Slot One" menu choice within Dolphin, or by pressing Shift +
F1. Afterwards, you can just press F1 after starting emulation, and your match will be ready to play.
Thank you, Beef!

Please leave a comment below if this tutorial helped you out or should you need assistance. I've
confirmed these directions multiple occasions — if you are still having difficulty getting Project: M
working with Dolphin, please verify you have correctly completed all of the above mentioned steps!